make new car key

Automotive Locksmith in Nashville

Broken or lost car keys? Locked out? Ignition issues?

CallOrange Automotive Locksmith are available day & night in Nashville, TN to help with emergency vehicle lockout, making new replacement car keys, and ignition repair. We are mobile and will come to your immediate location.

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1977 Buick Regal Lockout

We received a call for a vehicle lockout of a 1977 Buick Regal. The car's owner had already called another locksmith company that had tried to use a slim jim (not recommended!) to open the car rather than using  an air wedge and long reach tool. We were able to unlock the car easily within seconds. If you're gonna do a job, do it right!

Exit Door Alarm Install

Alarms for Emergency Exit Doors | Installation & Repair

Battery Exit Alarm for Secure Exit Doors

Need to install an exit door alarm and warning system without the time and cost of a fully wired alarm security system? A simple but effective surfasce mounted, battery powered door alarm could be the best door alarm system for your requirements. Detex's EAX series of alarms are surface mounted battery powered door alarms that can be quickly and affordably installed. When activated the exit door device emits a 100dB alarm alerting you that an emergency exit door has been opened. There are two different models that can be installed, one for interior doors and a second Weatherized version that is protection from rain and inclement weather.

CallOrange of Tucson's commercial locksmith technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for, fast same-day service. For your convince our technicians can be at your location within a matter of minutes or you can schedule a time that works best for your schedule. Call now!

install door keypad lock

5 Benefits of Keypad Smart Locks | Keypad Lock Installation

Don't like keys? Keypad smart locks are the solution!

Security is important for your home and business but it's not just keeping people out, it's also about providing access to the right people at the right time.  Keys are an all-or-nothing solution. Having a key allows that person access at any time without any control or access record. Another issue is that keys or can be lost or forgotten. This can be more than just an inconvenience as a lost key may end up in the possession of of a burglar.  Also, what do you do when a person or ex-employee no longer needs access? They can return the key but what if they made a copy? When keys are lost or not returned the only solution is to have your locked changed, rekeyed and all new keys made and distributed only to have the same situation happen over and over again. That's just a few reason why switching your locks over to keypad smart locks can improve security while saving you lot's of money in the long term.

5 Benefits of Keypad Smart Locks:

home door lock installation
Home door keypad lock installation.

Keyless access

This is an easy one! No more losing keys, looking for keys, getting locked out because and you forgot your keys. No more rummaging through pockets and bags to find your keys. And, with wireless smart lock you may not have to do anything at all, just walk up to the door and it will automatically unlock for you!

Personalized codes

Many smart locks also provide the benefit of being able to program multiple codes so that each person that needs access can have their own unique access code.

Access scheduling

Do some people only need access on certain days or at certain times? Many smart locks will allow you to schedule codes to only allow access at pre-determined times. So if you have a housekeeping service that only needs access one day a week or an office that is closed at night and on the weekends?  Simply turn off access during those times.

Changeable entry codes

No more needing people to return keys or having to rekey locks and make new keys when a key is lost or an employee quits! Simple turn off access for that employees code or easily change any shared access codes.

Access notification

Want to know when someone enters or exits? Many smart locks have apps that will also enable you to log usage times or send you notifications when a certain door or lock is accessed.


Door lock installation

Want to have a smart lock installed at your home or business? CallOrange can help! If you know exactly what you want, you can purchase the lock yourself and we can install it for you. Not sure what you need? That's OK. You can discuss your requirements with a locksmith technician and we can make recommendations and then purchase and install the lock for you. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to best fit your schedule and make all upgrades, repairs and installation at your convenience.